At IntraEdge, our Consulting Services division solves business problems through technology. We think of our approach as “consulting without the attitude,” and we believe you’ll think the same of us. We are experienced professionals who understand how to make the essential connection between business requirements and technology solutions.

Our Consulting Services division has a broad range of capabilities in software platforms and solution stacks, though we are not tied to any one of them. Some firms refer to this as technology agnostic, but we prefer to think of it as solving problems objectively. We recommend and deliver what is best for your business needs. We are strategy driven and solution focused specializing in the following practice areas:

The synergy between our divisions, together with our utilization of our PMO, Architecture, and QA teams, helps us to solve a greater range of business problems and to do it more efficiently, effectively, and creatively. The result is better solutions delivered faster.

Our Consulting Services division can also take advantage of our Global Services division to create a blended team of offshore developers, US-based project managers and technology leads to deliver excellent results at a reduced cost without the challenges and uncertainty that are common with offshoring.

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