Through our Global Services practice, IntraEdge provides teams that work around the globe and around the clock to provide timely development solutions at significant cost savings. Using a combination of onshore, offshore, and nearshore resources, we provide a comprehensive range of development, support, and testing services that closely align with our Professional Services and Staffing Services practices.

As experts in Global Services, we’re well aware of the common concerns with offshore development, and we’ve established a practice that addresses these concerns head on. Other offshore firms keep employees “hidden” and switch them out without their client’s knowledge. IntraEdge, by contrast, is fully transparent: We invite our clients to visit or work from the offshore office to participate in the recruiting and hiring process and to establish a relationship with the team. We also hire only the most experienced and professional employees, not students fresh out of school, and we provide superior working conditions and pay to ensure long-term retention of these valuable employees. The result is a skilled, loyal, productive, and consistent workforce.

Our Global Services offering comprises three approaches for leveraging highly skilled, lower cost offshore resources:

  • Global Delivery
  • Build-Operate-Transfer
  • Customized Solutions

Contact IntraEdge today to discuss opportunities to reduce cost, quickly scale operations, increase productivity, and achieve other optimal results with Global Services.