Responsive Design

At IntraEdge, we strongly advocate the use of Responsive Web Design. So much so, that we recently took the plunge ourselves.  As we embarked on the journey, we interviewed all of our key stakeholders and found that they were all looking for the same thing -- a site that accurately represents who we are and what we do.  In addition, our digital team reminded us that our existing site did not support mobile and was adamant that the new one did.  While we could have built unique experiences for each platform, we chose to embrace Responsive Design and create a single site that represented our brand, no matter what device was viewing it. Here are a few more reasons why we chose to go with a responsive site:

  • Content
    • Content is written once.  The content you see on our desktop site is exactly what see on tablets and phones, only the layout changes.  This prevents us from having to write channel-specific content and worry about keeping two (or more) sites in sync.
  • SEO
    • We only have to manage SEO for one site.  Google highly recommends Responsive Design and does not give preference either way to desktop or mobile content.  Since they're the kings of search, we tend to kneel and bow.
  • Cost
    • Upfront, there was definitely more work to be done:  we had to design layouts for desktop, tablet, and phone.  After just one month since launch, we're already seeing the savings:  we have less infrastructure to manage, spend less time creating and maintaining content, and we spend far less time managing SEO and analytics.
  • Audience
    • According to the latest report from Walker Sands, in Q3 2013 mobile devices accounted for approximately 28% of all internet traffic.  The odds of someone accessing our site via a mobile device, whether they're a first-time or returning user, is increasing daily.

To learn more about Responsive Web Design, check out this infographic from Template Monster:

Responsive-Web-Design-Infographic-jpg-version Find more great infographics on NerdGraph Infographics

If you're interested in Responsive Design and would like to learn more about IntraEdge's digital design and development services, please contact our digital solutions division, Edge Studios.