Agile Transformation Services

At IntraEdge Agile Solutions we are passionate and motivated about helping organizations successfully transition to the agile process. We excel at creating environments where your teams are super motivated and focused on delivering value to your customers.

No cookie cutter solutions

We will work with you and your teams to create an approach that works best for your organization that is sustainable through retrospection and continuous improvement.

If you are trying to improve your agile process or expand and scale it across your organization, we can help. We understand that changing a business process is difficult. It requires:

  • Culture Change
  • Process Change
  • Mindset Change

Our approach

We want to get to know you so we can make an assessment of what your business might need. We’re collaborators at heart, so your challenges also become ours. Let’s overcome them together by:

  • Designing a game plan together.
  • Creating a pilot approach… or as we say it, create a bright spot of success!
  • Scaling the solution!

Our team of coaches are enthusiastic thought leaders in the Agile community. From small businesses to large enterprises we are well prepared to address the needs of your business.

Create a bright spot

Why invest time and money in something that may or may not work? With Scalable Agile Framework, a process, feature, or strategy can be tested on a smaller scale to see if it is viable before implementation as a full-blown solution across a business.

We are friends with the good folks at SAFe® and that’s why we are partners. We can provide coaches who are well versed in SAFe® framework who want to understand your business and help increase your success. They can:

  • Train your teams on Agile concepts and methodologies
  • Coach through common Agile pitfalls
  • Help your team create measurable results as to why an approach should be implemented
  • Help scale success cases into other areas of your business
  • Demonstrate Agile Benefits and why your company should go Agile
  • Motivate your team members
  • Deliver value to your customer faster
  • Adapting methodologies outside of Software Development